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5 foods to boost metabolism
Metabolism has a magic power. It's the process of turning the calories we consume as a food, into energy we use to stay alive. A robust, properly functioning metabolism is crucial not only to keep our weight under control. It's beneficial to our immune system, sex drive, lean muscle mass, mood and energy level. And most of all to our brain functionality.
Ginger Ale - homemade, fermented, healthy
It it is really miraculously refreshing. And it bubbles! Shop canned one is not near as good, as home made - too much gas and the sugar. Apart from undeniable taste advantages, it's the
Breakfast seriously
The most common excuses to skip breakfast : 'No time!' and 'Not hungry!'. So no breakfast in the morning because you are in a hurry. Something quick and sweet in the office. Opening your first email you sip the second coffee and bite a doughnut or candy bar.
Red cabbage fermented with horseradish
The composition for horseradish lovers. It is an excellent side salad to anything you eat - vegetables, grilled meat, sandwiches or tortilla. I like to have on hand this super
Good bread is not bad
People have been eating bread from centuries. By bread I mean anything made of flour, water and yeast or leaven. And whether it's a country loaf, foccacia, pita, naan and many, many others- everything is bread. And we were happy eating our bread on each continent, until all media started persuading our global consciousness with belief, that what make us getting on weight is bread.
Chilli eggs with avocado
Eggs are definitely good choice to start a day, especially with hot chili kick. They are super-protein rich and have all nine essential amino acids, which our body needs to function properly.  And they help in losing weight. How? 
Coconut oil and a bit of common sense … together taste better
I've been searching the internet, to find about the coconut oil, which seems to be an absolute craze recently. Of course, there is no such a thing, coconut oil couldn't do for you, especially if the website we visit, belongs to the producers or distributors. It can help you loose weight, nourish, eliminates dandruff, bleach your teeth and defeat Alzheimer. And many others. It' hard to imagine how people could cope without it.
Lemons fermented in honey with cloves
... and how to cook with them If you are bored with salty brine of traditional fermented food, than lemons cultured in raw honey are the right choice. Honey together with lemon
Red white sauerkraut
Sauerkraut in a new version. For bored with ordinary one, it's a refreshing idea. Deep pink colour and rich flavour. It tastes very good with simple sandwich as well as a falafel or hamburger, preferably vegetable one. 
Quinoa, avocado and feta salad
It's light but fulfilling, so a good choice for dinner. Dominated by ingredients from superfood list - quinoa and avocado. Excellent protein source - quinoa as opposed to other grains has all nine essential amino acids. It's worth to know that it has significant amount of fiber, especially the soluble one supporting our metabolism as well as healthy omega fatty acids.
Avocado - egg spread
One of the healthiest and easy to make spread for breakfast or lunch. Served with soft wheat bread with kimchi it is truly delicious.
Why do we need our pickles, or a few words about the benefits of natural fermentation
Fermented food is easier to digest. In many cases, the fermentation process makes our food richer in nutrients comparing to the raw version, and some toxins are eliminated. Fermentation involving
Red cabbage salad, cultured
It's probiotic, healthy and good looking. Inspired by traditional coleslaw, but the base here is red cabbage, which has even much more vitamin C than her white sister. Moreover it's fermented, so it looks like ideal yet not boring way to add some beneficial bacteria to our menu.
Asparagus good for sex, losing weight and a few more
It’s not a joke about asparagus and sex. Asparagus is concerned aphrodisiac known since centuries. Scientists explain this phenomenon in very common way, nothing to do with a magic component
Why dieting is not good for you?
You have just decided that it's time for dieting. Enough is enough. You don't like the way you look, don't feel confident and can see clearly that poor eating choices started affecting your health. Taking this straight away - it's time to lose some weight, quite a lot actually would be nice. Bravo.
Kimchi without secrets
If you want to be super healthy and enjoy your slim body - eat kimchi
How to eat, keep weight and enjoy life
We are getting on weight from the food we don't eat. Skipping breakfasts and swallowing down just anything in a hurry or nothing. As a result, in the evening you
"Będę szczupła, zdrowa i piękna", czyli o tym, że nie warto odchudzać się bez celu
Wyznacz sobie cel. Twoje marzenie o tym, jak chcesz wyglądać, albo jak chcesz się czuć. Pomyśl,  co możesz z siebie dać. Ile masz siły , żeby wziąć się za bary ze swoimi
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